• Madeira is part of the European Union, thus the Madeira International Business Centre (MIBC) is an ideal entry point to the EU market
  • The MIBC is a fully authorised international service centre, duly approved by the EU Commission
  • The MIBC is fully regulated and supervised by the Portuguese tax authorities, the Bank of Portugal and other regulatory entities
  • The MIBC now operates in three major areas - The Service Sector, the Industrial Sector and the Shipping Sector
  • MIBC companies are able to benefit from one of the most advantageous tax regimes within the EU, with a 5% corporate income tax guaranteed until 2027
  • No withholding tax is applied on dividends paid to non Portuguese resident shareholders (corporate or individuals), as long as these are not resident in a black listed jurisdiction
  • No withholding tax is applied on interest and other forms of payment for shareholders' loans, capital allowances or advances made by the shareholders to the company, as long as the shareholders are non-resident in Portugal
  • No withholding tax is applied on royalties, services fees or interest paid to third parties
  • Full application of the Portuguese Worldwide participation exemption regime applicable to dividends, reserves, capital gains and losses
  • Full application of EU Directives, such as the Parent/Subsidiary Directive and Interest/Royalties Directive
  • Possibility to apply all DTTs signed with Portugal
  • Comparatively low operation costs when compared to other EU business centres
  • Highly qualified multilingual work force
  • Possibility to apply Patent Box Regime providing a 50% exemption from corporate tax for companies exploiting patents, industrial designs and models protected by IP rights and registered after 01.01.2014

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