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MAR Ship & Yacht Registration

Taking advantage of the MAR

The International Shipping Register of Madeira (“MAR” meaning “Sea”) is the second, but most important, ship and yacht register in Portugal and one of the top three Eu registers, both in number of vessels and registered tonnage.

Under the MIBC Legislation, most type of commercial vessels, including cargo ships, passenger ships, barges, tugboats and other assistance providing vessel, platforms and rigs, whether these are stationary or floating, as well as pleasure yachts and commercial yachts can be registered with MAR. Only fishing boats are expressly excluded.

It is possible to register a vessel with MAR that is owned by a non resident entity. In this case, it is compulsory to appoint a local legal representative of the foreign owner and here at MMCL we are able to act in this capacity, as required by law.
Madeira Management has extensive experience with the registration of vessels, yachts and the management of shipping companies.

Certain documents and information regarding the ship must be submitted to the Technical Commission of MAR for analysis. The information and documentation to be submitted shall vary depending on whether it is a temporary or a permanent registration. A full list of documents and requirements will be provided upon request.

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